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We are excited to share our resources with the community and provide a comprehensive solution to compliance and training needs.
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AFIP Certification

AFIP Certification gives working and prospective F&I professionals the power to sell their products with confidence and authority. Our certification course provides a working knowledge of the state and federal laws associated with the F&I profession. Certification shows customers they’re dealing with a professional with superior qualifications. AFIP Certification is the MBA of the F&I profession!


In partnership with Member Benefits Services, Inc. AFIP offers the DealerAide Suite, a series of compliance program solutions to help you ensure you’re not in danger of regulatory or legal action for noncompliance with laws like the Safeguards Rule, the Red Flags Rule and the Disposal Rule.


The Association of Dealership Compliance Officers is designed to reduce business risk for the dealer, protect the dealer’s bottom line and enhance the reputation of the dealership within the community. This is completed by training the dealership‘s compliance professionals and providing additional educational opportunities and resources to build and maintain an effective dealership compliance and ethics program.

Product Prep Live

A collaboration between Gerry Gould and Product Prep to deliver interactive live coaching/training directly to Automotive Sales, Sales Management and Financial Services Staff.  Selling more cars and ensuring best practices requires more than pre-recorded content and outdated software.  Live targeted training, Coaching amongst peers and industry evolving best practices put into real life situations is a proven model to deliver results.

Product Prep

Providing the most comprehensive, up to date finance product knowledge, narrowing in on detailed contract analysis, features, benefit and keyword tracks to enhance the menu presentation.  offering solutions for each department with a consistent format of high-definition video and step-by-step learning featuring Compliance courses, BDC courses, sales training, and product knowlege ans key benefit analysis.

Compliance Prep

As a joint venture between AFIP and Product Prep, Compliance Prep aims to reinvent the way you learn and engage in the automotive community by way of high tech and state-of-the-art Compliance Training.  Dealers, General Agents, Administrators, Vendors, Bankers & OEM’s can now have access to the critical information and  resources that only AFIP provides in a format specific to your needs. 

Live Interactive Coaching

  • Coaching Automotive Professionals is a passion for Gerry Gould and Live in person interaction is the only way to succeed.
  • Gerry’s coaching allows learners to experiment with different strategies and word tracks and get immediate feedback and suggestions on how to improve effectiveness.
  • Prerecorded paths can give learners a foundation for information but do not provide an outlet to test that information, which is why Product Prep delivers both for a total solution.
  • Motivation, Direction and Process is a direct effect for all learners

Live Training and Constant Engagement

  • Live Lessons in theory and application of industry best practices in a designated schedule over 52 weeks for Sales Staff, Sales Managers and Financial Services Managers.
  • On Demand live training for new employees or additional learning
  • Reduced cost of training and elimination of excess turnover costs with time and resources investment of staff members
  • Each Lesson provides live recording playback for additional learning
  • Each Lesson provides a quiz and test for certification in each lesson.
  • Certification autogenerated with a score over 80% for accountability and engagement
  • User activity reports, course coaching and smart technology for continued engagement will keep continual training successful.

Employee Development Tracking

  • Career Path Tracking and Development by Course access & availability to specific courses by job title
  • Benchmark production and participation for quantified time in training
  • Final Assessment of upward managerial progression
  • Final Interview for new position placement

Resources and Community

  • All best practices are available within the Product Prep System organized by course, topic and learner position
  • Question and Answer community
  • Resources to other professionals to hear what works and what doesn’t