requirements is its first line of defense

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The Federal Regulation Automotive Training (FRAT) program was created in partnership with The Association of Dealership Compliance Officers (ADCO) and Product Prep.  This program allows dealers to add dealership employees, including those newly hired, and track the training status of current personnel.  The FRAT program is for dealer executives, sales, operations staff, Compliance Officers and any essential employees.  Training modules included in this program address the Safeguards Rule, Red Flags Rule, Disposal Rule, OFAC, ECOA, FCRA, and many others.

How It Works

A well-educated employee is the first line of protection in an effective compliance management system.

Three lines of defense:

  • First Line:  The first line of defense are the dealership employees involved in leasing or arranging financing for vehicles, selling or operationally supporting customers, products, and services. This includes sales and operational roles, like business administration and the service department. The employees are responsible for understanding their roles, being accountable, applying internal controls and respond to any risks presented.  Dealers are responsible for providing what the FTC has noted as ‘effective training.’  This is what is included in the FRAT training.
  • Second Line: The second line of defense are the dealers compliance- and risk-related monitoring functions. This is the responsibility of the middle-line managers. They must guide and oversee the dealership operations - the first line of defense. Additionally, they are responsible for proactively monitoring and auditing high-risk areas and practices to ensure the compliance policies, procedures, and processes work as intended, and employees comply with rules and regulations. Reports of data breaches and possible non-compliance activities must be brought to the attention of the Dealership Compliance Officer.
  • Third Line: The third line of defense is the external and internal auditors who independently evaluate the dealers compliance risks and controls. The Dealership Compliance Officer and 3rd party vendors, as needed are responsible for these evaluations. They are also responsible for reporting oversight and risk issues to the Board and Senior Management along with suggested steps for mitigation.

We are proud to partner on a training program that is not only simple to navigate, but also easy to track and monitor progress!

  • Satisfy requirements of training for all new and current employees, in all departments
  • An educated staff is the foundation to good business and protects your dealership from bad practices
  • Understanding of the rules and regulations helps to reduce risks, liabilities, potential fines and penalties
  • Create accountability in your organization with training, testing, certification and reporting
Federal Regulation Automotive Training for Dealer Executives, Sales and Operations Staff, Compliance Officers and Essential Employees

Monthly / Rooftop

Here is a list of some of the important training modules included in the FRAT program.

Safeguards Rule

Red Flags Rule

Disposal Rule




"This company does not disappoint.  First class training and support all the way.  It is informative, succinct and fulfils my training requirements".

Frank Raniolo, Pepe Cadillac
Finance Manager

"I look for accountability and quality in providing any solution to my staff.  Product Prep has created effective and comprehensive compliance training that my entire staff can digest.  I am able to see in great detail what each employee has accomplished in this system and access records at any time".

Marcie Jacobs - Bronx Honda
Dealer Principal

"Easy navigation and reporting.  I was able to quickly work through all training modules, achieve my yearly certification and provide my documented logs to our compliance officer."

Sergio Derpinsky - Mercedes of New Rochelle
Finance Director

Customized Learning Experience

Each course was specifically created and tailored for that individuals job role. Detailed user roles and flexible permissions for a unique learning experience. Employees access only the necessary content to their role.

Manage Your Dealer Group

Experience a powerful enrollment engine for easy onboarding. Upload a custom formatted excel sheet to enroll and assign courses instantly. Monitor and update employees in real-time.

Certificate of Completion

Once a course is completed with a passing score of 80% or higher, a certificate of completion is generated, and your management dashboard can monitor and summarize every click and activity performed by your employees.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Monitor training progress with easy-to-read charts. Data insights that align with performance targets. Ensure your users stay compliant with the latest technical training innovations in the industry.

Automotive Learning Platform

ADCO and Product Prep specifically developed this online learning system that is truly unique for the Automotive Industry. Students can access their courses on any device at any time.

Library of Training Resources

The FRAT program offers valuable information and resources for all employees in different departments and helps keep them current on rules and requirements they must abide by and follow.