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Five Ways to Refresh Your F&I Sales Strategies in 2021

Feb 17, 2021
Much of what makes a dealership stand out is the personality of the staff, experience in the store and trust in the process. As the new year begins, the new norms inherent in conducting business during the COVID-19 pandemic continue. The adjustments to these new norms affect everyone personally and professionally, which has in some ways created an opportunity to connect at a more authentic level than ever before.
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Dec 07, 2020 | Source:
Online Training and Certifications Keep ‘The Sword Sharp’ and Energize Teams Amidst the Pandemic. Product Prep has been a critical resource to ensure auto industry professionals have access to the right skills and training for right now. The leading online learning, compliance and certification platform provider has reached major milestones on engagement and is evolving its content for the next phase of growth and development to keep automotive teams in finance, sales, and management departments on point for the current and post-pandemic market.
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COMMENTARY: Online training & professional development in pandemic era

Jul 15, 2020
One of the most interesting and challenging situations in this pandemic era is not just managing remote teams or staggered staff schedules — but how do you stay on top of professional development, compliance and other certifications? It’s hard to believe that six months ago, a manager could hold an in-person staff meeting at their store, meet with team members individually in an office to review career goals, performance, and opportunities to strengthen skills.
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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Is it me, or is February another rough month? Not only is it generally a slower month, but we have also been hit back-to-back with snowstorms, ice, freezing temperatures, etc. And it's not just us here in the Northeast – where we are at least used to this type of weather – but all over the country.

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Catering Your Business to Today's Market

As I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, doing my daily catch up on Automotive News, a podcast from Ally caught my attention because, well, the topic sounded interesting. Apparently, it was part 3 of a series related to F&I. I didn’t go back and listen to the other parts as they ...

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Looking Back on 2020

2020 is finally behind us, and January brings a fresh start for us all. Usually, in January, I like to take some time and reflect on the previous year: the good, the bad, what did I learn, what did I accomplish, what changes can I implement for the coming year, and so on.

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