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What is Compliance Prep?

Compliance Prep is the result of a newly established symbiotic partnership between Product Prep, a leading provider in education technology platforms, and AFIP, a global leader is compliance training in the automotive industry. As a joint venture, Compliance Prep aims to reinvent the way you learn and engage in the automotive community by way of high tech and state-of-the-art Compliance Training. Dealers, General Agents, Administrators, Vendors, Bankers & OEM’s can now have access to the critical information and resources that only AFIP provides in a format specific to your needs.

Product Prep’s Education Platform will take learners through a core curriculum and develop skills for critical thinking and evaluation. Beyond the prerequisite courses there are management level courses providing an in-depth understanding of the theory, operation and application of compliance modalities building to the AFIP Certification. This platform is available to ALL industry professionals that want to advance their expertise and effective leadership.

Virtual Classroom for all Automotive Compliance Regulations

  • State and Federal Compliance Needs in a unique online learning management system
  • Solutions for all required annual federal regulation training
  • Learn at your own pace with over XX Courses designed by AFIP featuring video and presentation content for the entire industry
  • All Content updated as new developments occur with notifications Weekly Live Compliance Coaching with AFIP

Weekly Live Compliance Coaching with AFIP

  • Live Streaming using two-way interactive technology reducing daily disruptions and avoiding costly and unnecessary travel
  • Real World Application of Compliance by Case Study Review
  • Q&A Sessions to resolve any dealer concerns or experiences
  • Applied learning by reviewing course Modules and evaluating retention

Resources and Community

  • Hudson and Cook Law book for every user –
  • FTC Document Resources for:
    • Privacy Notice, Buyers Guide +++
  • Final Exam Reviews
  • All 50 State Compliance Resources for users in multiple states
  • Code of Ethics
  • Back End Service Stuff

Certification for Management and Development for All Employees

  • Career Path Tracking and Development by Course access & availability
  • AFIP Certification for All Management employees via proctored independent examinations
  • Eliminate the cost of turnover investment

Test Drive Compliance Prep Free

every new registration receives the first course and access to AFIPs Live Compliance Coaching

Teachers and Bios

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson

Executive Director

Dave has spent the last 40-plus years working in all phases of the retail automobile business, beginning with his position as a Legion of Leaders Chevy salesman. He has been a VSC TPA
Shannon Robertson

Shannon Robertson


Shannon Robertson, a Master Certified Professional in Financial Services, is the executive vice president at the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals
Tevis Grisso

Tevis Grisso


Tevis Grisso, a Senior Certified Professional in Financial Services, is the Vice President of Sales and Operations at the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP).