Product Prep Live Partnered with Gerry Gould

What is Product Prep Live

Product Prep Live is a collaboration between Gerry Gould and Product Prep to deliver interactive live coaching/training directly to Automotive Sales, Sales Management and Financial Services Staff. Selling more cars and ensuring best practices requires more than prerecorded content and outdated software. Live targeted training, Coaching amongst peers and industry evolving best practices put into real life situations is a proven

model to deliver results. Our cutting edge technology and Gerry’s unparalleled content and processes is the recourse that will advance Automotive Professionals to their full potential. Weekly Live Sessions are available to all dealer employees and on demand sessions will provide detailed Theory as well as application of learned tactics. Our system is home to countless resources that Gerry provides to each student.

Live Interactive Coaching

  • Coaching Automotive Professionals is a passion for Gerry Gould and Live in person interaction is the only way to succeed.
  • Gerry’s coaching allows learners to experiment with different strategies and word tracks and get immediate feedback and suggestions on how to improve effectiveness.
  • Prerecorded paths can give learners a foundation for information but do not provide an outlet to test that information, which is why Product Prep delivers both for a total solution.
  • Motivation, Direction and Process is a direct effect for all learners

Weekly Live Compliance Coaching with AFIP

  • Live Lessons in theory and application of industry best practices in a designated schedule over 52 weeks for Sales Staff, Sales Managers and Financial Services Managers.
  • On Demand live training for new employees or additional learning
  • Reduced cost of training and elimination of excess turnover costs with time and resources investment of staff members
  • Each Lesson provides live recording playback for additional learning
  • Certification autogenerated with a score over 80% for accountability and engagement
  • User activity reports, course coaching and smart technology

Gerry Gould

Gerry Goul


Gerry has over three decades of automotive sales, and management experience. He began his automotive career as a sales consultant at Fitzgerald Hicks Dodge in Salem, NH where his father was the general manager. Soon after, Gerry and his father opened Gould Auto Sales as an independent pre-owned dealership in Lawrence, MA which they later sold. After the sale, Gerry was hired at Ira Oldsmobile-Toyota in Danvers, MA as a sales consultant where he swiftly moved through the ranks of virtually all front-end management positions. In 1996 Gerry joined the team of David Lewis & Associates where he dedicated his knowledge and experience to training others. Following a successful tenure with David Lewis & Associates he relocated to Florida in 2002 where he held the position of Florida's Regional F&I Director for AutoNation the nation's largest automotive retailer until 2009 when he accepted the position of Director of Training for United Development Systems, a well-established general agent focused on F&I performance and development. Through the years Gerry has spoken at and held numerous workshops for groups and conferences related to automotive front-end operations. He has also crafted several Sales, Sales and F&I Management training programs and published numerous articles in industry journals.