Sales Training 101

Self Study

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You must learn to sell yourself, your product, and the dealership before you can sell anyone else. 71% of the population buys from someone that they like, trust and respect. We will refer to this percentage throughout the book as we teach you the art of:

Selling yourself
Selling your product
Selling the dealership

We will cover the steps of the sale from the beginning to the end leaving nothing to the imagination.

  • Introduction

    1min 5s
    1 Video

  • The Steps to Knowledge

    4min 25s
    1 Video

  • Interviewing for a living

    7min 27s
    1 Video

  • You Must Sell Yourself

    3min 54s
    1 Video

  • First Impressions

    5min 47s
    1 Video

  • The Proper Greeting

    1 Video