OSHA: Hazardous Communication in the Dealership

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OSHA: Hazardous Communication in the Dealership

OSHA's, Hazard Communication Standard or HCS, was created to ensure that chemical and physical hazard information and associated protective measures is distributed to all necessary people. This is accomplished by requiring chemical manufacturers and importers to assess the hazards of the chemicals they produce or report, and make sure to thoroughly provide information about them through labels they place on shipped containers. It is also suggested more detailed information be inserted into sheets called material safety data sheets or MSDS.

At the end of this course you will be able to do the following:

  • Recall the need for Hazard Communication Program
  • Recall definition of MSDS
  • Recall the basic components of Hazard Communication Program
  • Recall specific steps of effective Hazard Communication Program

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  • What is Hazard Communication?

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  • What is a Hazard Communication Program?

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  • Hazardous Materials Policy Sample

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