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Friday 10am -Join The Billion Dollar Girl, Toni Anne Fardette, former BDC director of Atlantic Automotive Group from 2010-2018, a top 10 dealer group and $1.1 billion organization, current founder and CEO of BDG Inc, BDG Media and Jet Technology, an outsourced BDC company, as we discuss and lay out a road map on how phone calls have changed in the post COVID climate. In this webinar we will address and identify:

  • Is the goal of the phone connection still to sell yourself, sell the dealership and sell the appointment and NOT the car?
  • Do customers really want to conduct their entire experience online?
  • The 10 steps to the phone connection that results in an appointment that shows up
  • How your dealership marketing ties into this

  • 10-23-20 - Road Map with Phone Skills Post COVID

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