I increased my salary 27% from listening to Gerry [Gould's] live videos and only spent an hour a week.

Anthony Serrano, F&I Manager for Honda dealership

(Member of Product Prep)

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With over 30+ years of invaluable automotive sales and management expertise, Gerry stands as a well-regarded leader in the industry. His journey began at Fitzgerald Hicks Dodge in Salem, NH, where he sharpened his skills as a sales consultant in a dealership led by his father, the general manager.

Setting out on entrepreneurial ventures, Gerry and his father later opened Gould Auto Sales, an independent pre-owned dealership in Lawrence, MA, leaving an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. Following the sale of Gould Auto Sales, Gerry made his mark at Ira Oldsmobile-Toyota in Danvers, MA, swiftly ascending through various front-end management positions.

In 1996, Gerry brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to David Lewis & Associates, dedicating himself to the training and development of others. His success at David Lewis & Associates paved the way for a new chapter in Florida, where he assumed the role of Florida's Regional F&I Director for AutoNation, the nation's largest automotive retailer, until 2009.

Gerry's passion for elevating F&I performance and development led him to become the Director of Training for United Development Systems. Throughout his illustrious career, Gerry has been a sought-after speaker and workshop leader at conferences, sharing insights on automotive front-end operations. He has also crafted comprehensive Sales and F&I Management training programs and contributed extensively to industry journals.

Now, Gerry brings his unparalleled expertise to empower US car dealership owners. Join forces with Gerry to revolutionize your dealership and propel it to new levels of success – where experience, knowledge, and innovation join together for exceptional results.