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With over $40,000,000 of F&I sold and 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, Gerry Gould goes over some of the most important topics to boost your F&I sales.

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With access to over 120+ hours of engaging F&I Manager training content, you'll learn everything between the fundamentals of the F&I presentation to closing the customer.

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Gerry Gould, an F&I LEGEND, with over 50 years of experience and $40,000,000 in F&I sold, will go over crucial topics to ensure you increase your salary, sales, and dealership's backend profit per vehicle.

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Using AI technology, we can find out your weaknesses and target videos to make the most of your time and increase your F&I sales as quickly as possible.

What Is Product Prep Live?

Product Prep provides a platform for automotive dealerships to access top industry knowledge, live coaching from experts, and a comprehensive library of learning resources for various departments.

What Features Does Product Prep Live Offer?

Product Prep Live, a collaboration with Gerry Gould, offers interactive live coaching/training for automotive sales, management, and financial services staff. It includes weekly live sessions, on-demand sessions, and resources for detailed theory and application of learned tactics.

Are There Certificated Available Through These Programs?

Yes, upon completion of courses with a passing score, certificates are generated. This is applicable for various courses and programs offered, including management and development for all employees.

How Can I Learn More About Product Prep Live?

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