The BEST Way To Present The F&I Menu

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Drop the Sales Pitch

One of the fundamental principles of successful F&I presentations is to drop the aggressive sales pitch. Instead of overwhelming customers with excessive information about each product, focus on a straightforward approach. Simply explain what each product covers, making it clear and concise. This method helps in reducing customer apprehensions and fosters a more open conversation.

Simplifying the Menu

A simplified menu can make a world of difference. The presenter prefers a three-column menu over a four-column one. The three columns include:

  1. Worry-Free Column: This column lists all the products individually, providing a comprehensive overview.
  2. Practical Column: This column includes bundled options that are practical for most customers.
  3. Core Basic Coverages: This column focuses on the essential coverages that are necessary for the vehicle.

By breaking down the menu into these three columns, customers can easily understand their options without feeling overwhelmed.

Engaging the Customer

Engaging with customers is crucial. Start by reviewing the figures they agreed to on the showroom floor. This step reassures them and reduces resistance. Use a worry-free approach, letting customers know they can take delivery of the vehicle with the figures they agreed upon. This builds trust and lowers their guard.

Presenting the Options

When presenting the options, categorize them into the worry-free, practical, and core columns. Explain each option clearly and answer any questions the customer might have. If the customer shows interest in any product, focus on that product and explain its benefits in detail.

The Shopping Cart Technique

A unique technique shared is the "shopping cart" method. Allow customers to move the products they are interested in into a virtual shopping cart. This method gives them a sense of control and choice, similar to shopping online. As they select the products, provide them with payment details and close the sale based on their selections.

Handling Objections

Not all customers will be immediately interested in the options. For those who are hesitant, address their concerns by focusing on the value of the products. Ask them if money weren't a concern, which options they would choose. This approach helps in engaging them in a conversation about the benefits, rather than just the costs.

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Mastering the art of presenting the F&I menu is essential for increasing sales and customer satisfaction. By simplifying the process, engaging with customers, and utilizing techniques like the shopping cart method, you can significantly improve your F&I performance.

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Author: Product Prep
Date: May 20, 2024