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If there were anything to take from this whole pandemic, it would be a sharper focus on cleanliness. Granted, we should always be washing our hands (with soap, of course!) but there will always be that little voice in our heads to be mindful of what we touch, and now who we get into contact with. I’ve always been an advocate of minding my own space, but now, like many others, are more sensitive to it. 

If you asked any of my friends or family, they would tell you that I’m not that much of a driver. I prefer taking public transportation, whether that be by Uber, bus, or the ferry into the city. It made my life a little easier in the sense where I did not have to worry about other drivers or parking, but more problematic because I had to be mindful. I cannot come and go as I please because I was at the mercy of transit schedules. If I were to take anything away from this situation personally, I appreciate having my own car more than I did before.

I might not be the only one who has this train of thought. The IBM Institute for Business Value conducted a survey that consisted of 18,000 participants across the United States. Their findings in May and early June increased from a previous survey that was taken in April; 53% said that they would decrease the use of these [public transportation] services or discontinue them entirely. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are concerned about being in shared public spaces and are opting to drive instead. There are pros and cons to this, right? While not everyone will stop the use of public transport, either by choice or they simply have no other option, it will definitely take a toll on the public transportation industry. Pro – car sales can simply increase because more people will be interested in owning their own cars. Con – more traffic. These are just some examples. There will always be a give and take. Sometimes the pros will outweigh the cons, and vice versa. 

The concern for one’s health and safety is a substantial factor in the increase of interest in owning a vehicle. Everyone is concerned about sanitation and disinfecting (Still having a hard time finding Lysol wipes over here). Many dealers have considered this and addressed these concerns by disinfecting their vehicles. From what I have seen so far, dealers are disinfecting and sanitizing vehicles (your own, loaners, and new vehicles) at no additional charge to their customers, which in turn provides peace of mind that we can all appreciate. Some dealers are also looking into offering sanitizing options as additional items on the F&I Menu, allowing customers to choose if they wish to reapply the product during the term of their ownership.

While everyone has different concerns and opinions, it does make sense for us to see a rise of interest in owning a vehicle, even if it is simply for the sake of flexibility. One can choose to drive if they so wish or take public transport. The option is there. I, for one, will probably never stop the use of public transportation, but will undoubtedly opt to choose to drive my car more often. 

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Author: Christine P.
Date: Jul 13, 2020