11 Habits of The Most Successful F&I Managers

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Ready to transform into a top-performing F&I (Finance and Insurance) manager? Whether you're aiming to be the best in the United States or even the world, the journey starts with developing the right habits. Today, we're diving deep into the best daily practices that can catapult you to the top of your game. Remember, while motivation gets you started, it's your habits that keep you going.

Habits Determine Your Future

Breaking bad habits and building good ones is crucial. Ask yourself, do you view every deal as an opportunity, or do you shy away from cash and lease deals? Do you come to work ready to work, or do you spend the first part of your day getting prepared? These are critical reflections for anyone aiming to excel as an F&I manager.

The Daily Habits of Top F&I Managers

  1. Start in the Service Department: The best F&I managers don't walk through the front door. Instead, they enter through the service department. Why? It's a goldmine of untapped resources. Engage with service advisors and customers waiting for their vehicles. Many don't have service contracts or other protective measures for their cars. This is your chance to educate them and offer valuable solutions.

  2. Check-in and Plan Your Day: Upon arrival, touch base with key personnel—dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, and BDC centers. Review your CRM tool to understand yesterday's activities and today's appointments. Planning and preparing your day are vital to maintaining efficiency.

  3. Inventory and Preparation: Ensure you have all necessary supplies, contracts, and forms ready. Being organized prevents the chaos of searching for missing documents and allows you to focus on selling and customer service.

  4. Sharpen Your Skills Daily: Continuous learning is non-negotiable. Read industry journals, books, and articles. Stay updated with the latest trends and practices in the F&I sector. Practice, drill, and rehearse with your peers regularly.

  5. Manage by Walking Around (MBWA): Don't stay cooped up in your office. Engage with your sales staff and stay involved in the dealership's daily pulse. Use your CRM tool to start conversations and connect with both staff and customers.

Leading by Example

Lead by doing. If you say you'll do something, follow through. Your actions set the tone for the entire team. Exhibit patience and consistency, communicate your intentions clearly, and always maintain a positive attitude. Enthusiasm is contagious, and a positive outlook can turn adversities into learning experiences.

Embrace the Process and Manage Exceptions

Having a process is essential. Embrace it and manage any exceptions that arise. Processes streamline operations and ensure consistency, which is key to high performance.

Sell More by Getting Involved Early

Get involved with the customer early in the sales process. Building a connection and lowering resistance from the outset makes the entire transaction smoother. Gather detailed information about the deal and ensure all paperwork is accurate to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Tell Them, Don’t Sell Them

Instead of pushing products, inform customers about the options available to them. Explain how each product can enhance their ownership experience without overwhelming them. Be concise and direct—attention spans are shorter than ever.

Drive It to the Money

Most customers want the products but are hesitant about the cost. Use methods like the calculator close to break down costs into manageable daily expenses. This approach makes additional purchases seem less daunting.

Real-Life Stories and Evidence

Share real-life scenarios and back your presentations with solid evidence. Use digital picture frames to display articles and statistics that support your offerings. Real-life success stories build trust and make your propositions more relatable.

Becoming a top-performing F&I manager requires a blend of good habits, continuous learning, and effective communication. Start your day in the service department, plan meticulously, stay organized, and always lead by example. Remember, the journey to excellence is ongoing—keep evolving, stay motivated, and watch your career soar.

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Author: Product Prep
Date: Jun 10, 2024